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Browse ressources to learn basics about the electroluminescent production.
Just explore our professional tabs to DIY and kickstart.


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You want to extend your company offer in electroluminescent services, but the products are sold $500 in shop. However, their manufacturing cost does not exceed $100. Despite the quality of product, the margin of 500% is unjustified. Between the manufacturer and customer, each of the intermediate ( agents, importers ...) increases the invoice amount. When arrived the time of sale, it is you who reach the worst margin. now proposes to provide professional and quality raw material without breaking the bank. The Electroluminescent Store Network offers DIY's articles from the film, textile and paint, but also unique pieces that become

real bestsellers, such as the collection of high-end jewelry from Electroluminescent provider Goteborg or the ELISA's aviation protocol conversion from Electroluminescent provider New York. is the territory of expression of talented young providers to discover regularly. Our exclusive collaborations are born exceptional pieces. Deadlines are a little longer than when buying classic shop, but when your covering, your café racer, your blind or advertising is finally delivered, you appreciate its quality finish and the price saved over conventional sales . Your satisfaction is our priority, our products are not counterfeit by our local providers. We hold our own patents and factory. Do not hesitate to contact us, our support will take care of you.

Upon confirmation of your purchase, you can follow every step of your order from manufacturing to shipping and delivery. Deadlines are a little longer than in a traditional shopping, but we are committed to inform you of all the steps of the delivery process.
In case of error or failure in delivery, you are free to return your order within 7 days to be reimbursed. Send a brief message to our customer service stating the reason for return and we will entrust the care of your refund to our installer. For more information, see the "Terms and Conditions".

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