Car wrapping installation | Electroluminescent store (EN)
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Car wrapping installation

About This Project

For large areas

  • Once your cut wrapping is positioned with its margin, it will fall back on to itself in order to have the 2 halves on the right side
  • Then, peel liner from angles to the opposite side
  • Cut the liner in the middle. Do not scratch the electroluminescent film or body. You end up with the folded film glue up on the right side
  • To prevent dusts from the cut during installation, simply use a microfiber to remove it
  • Stick liner above the electroluminescent film within the limits of the lamp
  • Now unfold the wrapping film to entirely install on the body, then pass the squeegee on this area
  • Peel off the liner slowly (starting out by where you cut / folded) and move towards the outside while squeegee the film
  • Make sure the electroluminescent lamp turn on and the wrapping film are aligned
Do It Yourself

Expert level

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