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Door signs setting

About This Project


  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Compliance
  3. Benchmarking, Problem raised by the method and Solution found
  4. References.


I. Introduction
For the development of electroluminescent door signs, it is necessary to be provided with the following equipment;

  • 1 Electroluminescent Panel 447 x 292 mm,
  • 1 Hot lamination 95 and 115 microns,
  • 1 12V Power box,
  • 1 Print vinyl film,
  • 1 Magnets facultative ,
  • 1 Adhesive film,
  • 1 Bus bar.

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 II. Description detailed
The finished product is easy to install adhesive on its substrate. Its dimensions and parameters make the device particularly suitable for temporary use of company vehicle fleet.
Door signs consists of a backside treated with an adhesive film or magnets. The length of its busbar respectively right and left of the logo, allow them to be installed on any car brand, including the car door.
The thick lamination device makes it water resistant and resist the shallow scratches.
Power box is located in the cockpit, with a lighter plug. It is compatible with any video and works for tens of thousands of low-consumption time.
The choice of magnets is focused on an intermediate thickness film.
2.1. Standard door signs
Once recovered the electroluminescent panel, pre-engraved or naked, identify your scenario busbar. Plan a right output on a panel, a left output on the other panel. Plan 20cm of flat wire in order to remain discreet and pass between the doors.
Pass door signs to the 95um hot lamination with the busbar and then cut out the excess.
Clear the end of the flat wire to allow the client to install its standard wire.
Turn on the device, match the printed vinyl and the panel.
Install printed vinyl leaving 1 to 2 cm contour.
Install vinyl background of the same size as the vinyl printed, that hide the technical part behind and you can install your logo.
Finally, finish with the installation with the 3M double sided transparent tape.
NOTE: Power supply must by adapted to a lighter plug to allow drive to change car. For example Uber.
2.2. Magnets door signs
It is suggested to use an average thickness and significant magnetic film which allows proper adhesion of door signs. Your customer does not want to fly its advertisements on the highway.
Proceed as the previous chapter by substituting steps with double tape and vinyl background.
2.3. Package
Print 2 more vinyls. Add a copy inside the package and the second sticker on the largest side of package to allow the team to immediately identify the contents of package.
Delivery by tracked letter or parcel.
2.4. Lead Time
Shipping within 72 hours or order will be transfer to an another retail store
2.5. Payment
Instantly through PayPal or internal transfer.
Requirement: Simply send us back by email a picture of device in fonction and tracking number.
3. Benchmarking, Problem raised by the method and Solution found.
3.1. Comparative analysis
There is no equivalent outside the electroluminescent. Led light up stickers are too small to be visible and allow significant resolution. The wrapping is binding for installation.
3.2. Problem raised by the method
Most devices are stickers. It is therefore not usable on other carrier or vehicle
3.3. Solutions found by Electroluminescent store
We combined a lighter plug on the power supply with a background magnetic signs on the door. These measures free users from any final constraints.
4. References
This manual is by no means a complete and detailed description of the production, but part of the process, and many details have been left out in order to facilitate understanding.
The material was compiled from public resources, as well as internal documents Electroluminescent store.
Unless otherwise indicated, all manuals, including but not limited to, design, text, graphics and other files are the property of their authors or Electroluminescent store. You may electronically copy and print on paper for non-commercial and personal purposes, within the strict framework of the unit that employs you, provided that the analysis is not changed and the display dots rights of author or property is retained. The use of photographs, graphics and references from other sources is not a promotion or endorsement of products and services and it is only used for illustration.
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