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Extrusion Datasheet

Extrusion Technical data sheet


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 Product description

The extrusion liquid by Electroluminescent store ™ is an industrial grade bioluminescent substrate formulated for light marking use without electricity on road asphalte. Extremely strong, water-resistant that will self-level after-application.
Product features

  • Cures without shrinking
  • Good impact resistance
  • Produces strong, rigid bond on metal, ceramics, wood, concrete, glass, or combinations,


Typical Physical Properties
The data and information following techniques should be
considered representative or typical and should not be used
for specific purposes.
Adhesive Tensile Lap Shear[GBS] 2,250 psi @ 0.010" bondline
Melting point 1200° C
Classification Non hazardous
Compression Strength 11,000 psi
Dielectric Strength 600 volts/mil
Gap Fill Good
Impact Resistance 6.5 ft.-lb./in.(2)
Service Temperature Dry -40°F to 200°F
Solids by Volume 100
Specific Volume 25.2 in.(3)/lb.
Radioactive additives Free
Tensile Elongation 1%
Tpeel 2-3 pli
Glow Durability 17hrs
Lux Max 350 - 450 Lux
Energy refill 5 min direct sun - 30 min Indoor lamp
Wavelength 200-450nm
Aging to ultraviolet radiation NC
Alcalis resistance NC
Coefficient of adhesion NC
Granulate slip Compatible
Fixture Time 30-35 min. @ 72°F
Full Cure 12 hrs.
Functional Cure 2 hrs. @ 72°F
Mix Ratio by Weight (0.8-1.2):1. Resin/Hardener
Marking Thickness 2 to 5 mm (or 3 to 6kg/m2).
Mixed Density 9.17 lbs/gal.: 1.10 gm/cc
Mixed Viscosity 10-20 pa.s
Working Time 8-12 min. (28 gm 72°F)
Surface Preparation
Clean surface by solvent-wiping any deposits of heavy grease, oil, dirt, or other contaminants. Surface can also be cleaned with industrial cleaning equipment such as vapor phase degreasers or hot aqueous baths.

Mixing instructions

Proper homogeneous mixing of resin and hardener is essential for the curing and development of stated strengths.

Preheating thermoplastic in melters mixers must be carried aboard trailers or construction of accompanying trucks. Thereafter, the product can be applied to the floor by ways of extrusion machine.

This technique allows a high coating speed and good definition of the marking.

Application instructions

1. Apply mixed coating directly to one surface in an even film.
2. Assemble with mating part within recommended working time.
3. Apply firm pressure between mating parts to minimize any gap and ensure good contact

For very large road marking:
1. Spread to cover entire area OR make a bead pattern to allow flow throughout the joint
Let bonded assemblies stand for recommended functional cure time prior to handling.

Can withstand processing forces
Full bond strength is reached in 16 hours.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Please refer to the appropriate material safety data sheet (MSDS) prior to using this product.
For industrial use only
All information on this data sheet is based on laboratory testing and is not intended for design purposes. Elctroluminescent store makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning this data.
Electroluminescent store will replace any material found to be defective. Because the storage, handling and application of this material is beyond our control, we can accept no liability for the results obtained.

Extrusion Datasheet

R&T Department - August 2016 - This document and the information contained herein is the property of Electroluminescent store. all rights reserved.


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