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About This Project

Install your Uber Logo sticker

The electroluminescent sticker installation works level is sometimes overlooked.
It is part of a professional method requiring dexterity and a common practice. The water resistance of electroluminescent lamps and electrical insulation is important because devices are potentially exposed to shocks and weather.


Electroluminescent store gives you the following tips:


  1. Wipe surfaces so that they are dust-free, clean and dry
  2. Inspect the uber's decal. Locate "peel liner" in the front side
  3. Fit wiring so that it is invisible along a furrow
  4. Measure length between the final place of the sticker and wires departure
  5. Do not cut sticker's contour to avoid any degradation
  6. Install the electroluminescent uber's sticker by ensuring that it is well positioned
  7. Alternatively, using a small tape to hold sticker inside to allow you to decide your is the most visible area
  8. Use a squeegee to sticker the logo or use a windshield pocket if you plan to use some different cars.

Avoid heat gun that does not relax the film electroluminescent vinyl.

Everyone uses Uber in NY but this call is not so easy in France.
A lawsuit comes at a mobilization of professional drivers of VTC ( passenger cars with driver) who protest against the measures granted by the government to taxis, which are themselves mobilized, amid stiff competition between the two professions. This is not the first time that Uber has trouble with justice: December 7, the Court of Appeal of Paris ordered the French subsidiary €150 000 fine for ``misleading commercial practice`` because it's had this pay offer transportation as carpooling.
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