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Race number

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About This Project


  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Compliance
  3. Benchmarking, Problem raised by the method and Solution found
  4. References.


I. Introduction
For the development of electroluminescent film sample, it is necessary to be provided with the following equipment; 

  • 1 Electroluminescent Panel 285 x 235 mm,
  • 1 Hot lamination 95 and 115 microns,
  • 1 Competition Power boxe 3504, 3513, 7805,
  • 1 Vinyl Film 3 possible colors,
  • Black matte RAL 9005,
  • Red matte RAL 3020,
  • Green matte RAL 6002,
  • 1 Adhesive film on both sides,
  • 1 Installation Film.

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1.1. Official FIM compliance
It now mandatory to equip the numbers of motorcycles with electroluminescent light-up sticker in sizes, colors and accurate colors. These bright race numbers must be implemented in specific locations on the fairings. 3 categories;
- EWC Black
- OPEN Green
The light issue should be placed on the front or center of the fork crown or slightly to one side.
The top of the number pout be inclined towards the center line. The number must be centered on the bottom of the sticker without advertising on 25 mm in all directions. No animation allowed

A number should appear on each side of the machine. It will also be accepted that the number assigned is applied over the rear seat shell, the upper number to the driver.
The white light off number must be centered on its own merits.
The dimensions apply to each front number:
- Minimum height: 140 mm
- Minimum width: 80 mm
- Minimum width of line: 25 mm
- Minimum space between 2 figures: 10 mm
The dimensions apply to each side issue:
- Minimum height: 120 mm
- Minimum width: 80 mm
- Minimum width of line: 25 mm
- Minimum space between 2 figures: 10 mm


 II. Description detailed
The finished product is in the form of loan facility sticker; the customer removes the liner and glue the number in seconds. It is formed in the open panel to panel or round corner cut in the shape of figures. The red colored vinyl, green or black is made to fondle in the first case or printed in the second.
By default, the number is covered by a retractable system for the lamination of sticker, rear adhesive liner defining the concept "Peel here.", A busbar 10 cm at the bottom right.
In fact the workshop team leader, usually to the EWC class, the supervisor determines the location of bus bares, the color of light (E13 or E62), the shape of number and makes them even electrical wiring on their machine.
Online or in workshop, every change is presented as a production option except the choice of vinyl colors on the racing category.

2.1. Standard Race Number
Use a naked electroluminescent panel to largely round the corners, and then etched to a three digit. Proceed in parallel to the printing of numbers with a plotter.
Wrap with hot panel and busbar. The size of  panel being always smaller than size of the print vinyl, it is necessary to affix to the back, double sided adhesive vinyl (liner). The printing and vinyl liner sandwiching the encapsulated electroluminescent panel.
Finally, install the retractable lamination protection. The numbers being matte, it is not necessary to install protective lamination. After operation, only the busbar exceeds from the number. Finish with the installation of retractable protective film.

Background: Mask mate RAL FIM
Figure Size: 14 x 8 cm figure
Police: FIM
Advertising: None
Motion: None
Busbar: 10cm Bottom right default
Wiring: None
Encapsulation: Fine, 115 microns max

2.2. Shaped Race Number

If the handmade centers have the ability to customize all elements, the users of public website have the option to select additional options such as light color, shape cutting and location of wiring.
Polyvinyl plotted films substituted a synchronized print film. A black margin of several mm allow to the figures a shaped contour for the electroluminescent race number .
The assembly procedure is identical.

2.3. Package

Print / plotter 2 vinyls more. Add a copy inside the package and the second sticker on the largest side of package to allow the team to immediately identify the contents of package.
Delivery by tracked letter or parcel.

2.4. Lead Time

Shipping within 72 hours or order will be transfer to an another retail store

2.5. Payment

Instantly through PayPal or internal transfer.
Requirement: Simply send us back by email a picture of device in fonction and tracking number.

3. Benchmarking, Problem raised by the method and Solution found.
3.1. Comparative analysis
There are copies of backgrounds including shoddy wiring causes malfunctions numbers and so on, a mandatory stop to pitstop. The horizontal wiring standard requires figures to create a hole in the body.

3.2. Problem raised by the method
Too thick lamination withers optimal installation sticker on the obtuse fairings motorcycles.
Too fine lamination limit resistance at falls.

3.3. Solutions found by Electroluminescent store
Electronics are treated with an interest in weight and consumption (0.3 Amp. To 110 gr. For a dual comprehensive kit issue).

The wiring is extra flat, waterproof and shock resistance satisfactory. No holes and the wiring is compatible with all motorcycle brands.

4. References
This manual is by no means a complete and detailed description of the production, but part of the process, and many details have been left out in order to facilitate understanding.
The material was compiled from public resources, as well as internal documents Electroluminescent store.
Unless otherwise indicated, all manuals, including but not limited to, design, text, graphics and other files are the property of their authors or Electroluminescent store. You may electronically copy and print on paper for non-commercial and personal purposes, within the strict framework of the unit that employs you, provided that the analysis is not changed and the display dots rights of author or property is retained. The use of photographs, graphics and references from other sources is not a promotion or endorsement of products and services and it is only used for illustration.

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