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About This Project

Studio: quotes any projects before purchasing raw on Electro luminescent store


This application including simulates a purchase for all electroluminescent supplies. This calculator helps determine the cost of production of personalized and innovative project. There motto each expenditure analysis and the profitability of a business transaction.


Which issues meets this calculator?
When you make an online quote for a project on the electroluminescent mobile creative studio, production costs are provided, namely, that the details of each expenditure item appears in the project study.
Furthermore, in addition to the cost of production, the calculator provides an analysis of the cost of the installation for any project. This budget analysis is included in the purchase process and allows you to direct a specific trade negotiation with customers.
This analysis takes into account:

  • Manpower = immobilization for installation
  • Raw Value = professional equipment required
  • Compensation = Amortization on donated Expert accounts and valid Trainer
  • Operating Margin = Total Project Value of an estimation.

Studio quotes automatically negotiable fraction limits by purpose.

To maximize your profit margin
To obtain a quote at the best price / quality ratio, the primary function affect the price of supplies is directly related to the size of the electroluminescent lamps.
More precise is sizes, smaller is the cost.
The Creative Studio help you define in inches, light up area of your custom project.

To simulate the cheapest quote
The application can also be useful to simulate a series of specifications to create a complex work. For example, you can perform multiple simulations to find the cheapest production costs or to add more electroluminescent lamps to a power box.

The number of electroluminescent lamps covered by these apps is deliberately limited in quantity. Beyond a certain threshold, it is recommended to turn to a retail store in order to get an additional discount.
How to use Studio apps
Launch Studio then start between one of four category. Paint, Textile, Film and Aviation
Remote Control Features
Studio book a quotation analysis Film, textile, paint depending on your skills:
Public: Free Quote regulated.
license Expert: Custom creation Quote, technical specifications, minimum compensation 2.00%, Sell handmade products
License Trainer: Soon
License Distributor: Soon
Moreover, once edited an instant quote, total amount of the raw material is expressed in USD. It's possible to simply order the list generated by the studio. The order can not be produced until a quality check by the supervisor of production unit. If any problems, supervisor will contact to alert a design flaw and will work with applicant to correct the project, refining the technical points.
Each study is currency for a period of one (1) month.

This application is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, Ios, Google chrome.

Do It Yourself

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Aero, Film, Paint, Textile
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