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Total covering printing

About This Project

Foreward :The electroluminescent full wrap car knows recent years a success. Their much lower cost than that of a neon or LED sign makes them accessible for advertising campaigns and for all, for the sake of customization.

In the form of a sticker, reliable and easy to install, the electroluminescent full wrap package is interactive and consists of different films and a power driver.

Here are all the steps to set up a full wrap.


This manual is by no means a complete and detailed description of the production but part of the process, and many details have been left out in order to facilitate understanding.
The material was compiled from public resources, as well as internal Electroluminescent store documents.
Unless otherwise indicated, all manuals, including but not limited to it in the design, text, graphics and other files are the property of their authors or Electroluminescent store. You can copy electronically and to print in hard copy for non-commercial or personal use, or the strict framework of the company that employs you, provided that the analysis is not altered and views on the rights of copyright or ownership is retained. The use of photographs, graphics and references from other sources is by no means a promotion or endorsement of these products and services and is there only for illustration.

Table of Contents



For the installation of electroluminescent wrapping film, it is necessary to be equipped with the following supplies:

  • 1 Full wrap film kit,
  • 1 Fuse holder,
  • 1 Soldering iron,
  • 1 Heat Gun,
  • 1 Soft squeegee,
  • Wiring,
  • Shrinktube and other small electrical supplies.

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Installation du faisceau electrique

Wiring installation

Reperez l'emplacement definitif du panel

Locate definitive place of the panel

Centré le panel sur vos repères visuels

Center panel on your visual cues

Installer le film vinyle, panel allumé

Install vinyl film on lighted up panel

Aspect attendu

Expected result



The kit is composed of a supply pilot, several panel electroluminescent, some printed vinyl films and any masks.

Choose the location of electroluminescent panels

The choice of location for electroluminescent panels should not be done lightly, it should included the following aspects:
A surface without tuberosity: if the level marked to much difference, it is better to shift the electroluminescent panel rather than sticking it. A level difference may cause detachment of the panel and thus a failure from the dynamic display.
The arrival of electric current until the panels must be installed according to local safety standards. Call a professional if you are missing the necessary skills, especially good advice if you want to work on a building.
Orient the output busbar panels for easy filling.
A distance bumpers to limit the wear damage.

Prepare the vehicle body

If your mounting surface is rigid, flat and smooth, you can directly put your wrapping film after cleaning. Otherwise, the installation electroluminescent paint is the best option to ensure the stability and longevity of your signage.
Possibly draw the outlines of the luminous surfaces pool with a whiteboard marker.
Remove the wrists and emblems on the parts covered by the covering.
Pull the battery harness - Power box. Install the inverter control preferences in an accessible place fpr the driver.

Warning: if the electricity is not your field, it is better to hire a professional who will make the connections in the state of the art.

Place panel

Tip: See permanently mounting boards provided by the supervisor and follow them scrupulously.

Remove liner from the 3M adhesive to stick the panel on its bearings to form the basis of your light covering.
Make sure there are no air bubbles between the panel and the support.
Do not use water.
Heat panels if needed to loosen the seal lamination.
Roll out the extra-flat or busbar beam.
Insert it necessary in the interstitial path formed by doors, chests and others. This part of the panel is unlike the rest of the film, foldable in 190 ° without functional impairment.
Join to the conventional electrical wiring on the end of the busbar.
Test the connection by turning on the panel.
Properly seal the solder using thermo jacket and spray insulation.

Install mask Facultatif
Extend the opaque vinyl film or color film additive on the panel to complete the covering visual.
Chock mask the panel. To do this, you should check the installation panel lit in the darkness.
Once perfectly aligned, temporarily tape 50 % of the mask length on 50% by magnets or adhesive.
Remove the liner from the end of the film not attached to the center and cut it.
Install film without water or heat gun chasing any air bubbles.
Do not pierce the eventual air bubbles gaps in order not to alter the tightness of the electroluminescent panel underlying.

Install the vinyl film

Place the printed wrap film. Use the same procedure as for masks.
Thermoforming is possible outside or boundary of the panels to make the finishing and the final appearance are consistent.


Comparative analysis
The full wrap enables complex animation on a wide diffusion surface. From one pilot, a turnover of recurrent design is possible at a value budget.

Issues raised
The waterproof protective lamination induces a slight thickness visible on plain colors. Busbar beam is made over conventional copper wiring or too thin.

Solutions provided by Electroluminescent store
Busbars created by the supervisors of Electroluminescent store are copper compounds beam extra-flat and resistant to bending.

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