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Who is Our Expert

Raw material, Training, Handmade and Worldwide Selling

Reach Margins

No more intermediaries, we put you in direct contact with customers and manufacturers. The effect is immediate: up to 70% margins earned on prize shop. We base our comparison on functionality, materials and labor.

Express Yourself

Yes, we design and produce our own raw electroluminescent material of high quality at very affordable prices.
Yes, our Expert develop and install their own original creation.

Supercharged Your Business

Wherever they are, all our experts are guaranteed to find a long term training to expand their work.
They have a territorial exclusivity and a professional creation studio.
In Africa, through the initiative of Electroluminescent shop Network, our experts help to finance access to education and care of the local people. Our headquarters are located in New York but the handmade production is spread around the world closer to our local customers.
Improve business of Experts from a concerned region by subsidizing free training is very important for us.

Small Company0%
Expert license0%


The training is free and open to all. For sending our many customers and the opening of online sales generated by the network, we establish our application experts to ensure the quality of service and traceability. The form we use is confidential between Experts and us.

We will never incorporates a company engaged in counterfeiting of our patents.

No plan No fees. A small subscription is Paypal each month to support us.

We are constantly working to improve the performance of our Experts.


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Exclusivity Upgraded Cities

High-end raw material

We use machines for the development and printing of the raw electroluminescent material which ensures we optimized more than 98%. Some manipulations, less waste, voila!

Our boxes are made in US. And usable several times.

What is the trick ?

It's just maths. Less space, less electricity, less fuel, fewer intermediaries, fewer impressions ( catalog, mail ), less sale managers. The studies are formal. Logistics cost for our Expert is much lower.


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Expert exclusivity upgrade
  • 75 € mo.
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • ZERO competitor
  • No plan, No Royalties
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