Car wrap printing
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Car wrap

Integrate animations in your adhesive ads

— Car wrap

Motion total covering's design printing. Edit and protect the outer surface of your vehicle with the electroluminescent car wrap. Integrating animations adhesive ads for all your creations. Compatible with all vehicle. Multiple use able for electronic device.

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Car wrap film

Edit and protect the outer surface of your vehicle with the electroluminescent car wrap. Integrating animations adhesive adds for all your creations.

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With advanced development of technology that is the electroluminescent ca wrapping up to 80% more efficient than the previous generation, and thanks to the ambulatory animation pilot, Electroluminescent store now allows you to upload your designs to imagine the animated display


Delivery and Installation Guarantee * workshop covering the total automobile are free, anywhere in France, Reunion, Tunisia. In short, the entire network of companies that hold a recognized professional training and valid.

Graphic development

At your disposal, a service of graphics vector 2D, 3D specializing in 3D animation mapping / electroluminescent is optional and will take full part of the visual ability of your advertising project or not.

From temporary lasting

The application of adhesive films does not alter in any way the body, trim or edge electronics. Moreover, car wrap's drivers have the ability to be compatible with all makes of vehicles (truck, bus, auto, trailers, caravans etc.) but also with several impressions. It is therefore possible to lower cost to install and modify your communication campaigns monthly, weekly, daily. As a classic covering only the films are to remove / re-install-log.

The electroluminescent total covering is also effective protection for paint and varnish bodywork.


The highway code differs depending on the place of registration of the vehicle. The absolute completeness of the country authorizes the possession and installation of car wrap in open roads, the majority as Iceland, Tunisia, UAE, Russia, Japan and Quebec do not circumvent the use of electroluminescent car wrap and finally, only a minority of countries has some jurisprudence framing of eligibility parameters such as size and the flashing device. Learn more about Contesting a fine

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When you sell your supplies on Electroluminescent store network, your business profit of your worldwide customers.

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Electroluminescent car wrap