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The greatest advance in the history of printing, with an 190 Cd/m² lighting panel and a perfect fit for electroluminescent printing in large volume.

— Printing panel
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Printing panel

The greatest advance in the history of printing, with an 190 Cd/m² athermal lighting and a perfect fit for electroluminescent print in large volume.
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Electroluminescent store provides EL printing solutions for the most advanced and complete digital series available today, including covering films.

The panels are ready to be processed for a development to customer demand. Automated printing allows prints in large quantities before induction (development phase).

The method of direct printing large volume is a US patent held by Electroluminescent store since 2009. Learn more

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Modern and easy to set up, electroluminescent panel allow printing with the ability to edit a complete base color with a maximum size of 1000 mm x panel ∞.
Our diverse range of sizes and color press capabilities, allow you to print your quality projects, the most economical.
Whether a small number of stationery, newsletters, or even hundreds of thousands of inserts (our panels are already used in NASCAR and Aeronautics), the projects of your customers can be achieved quickly and customized.
The upscale formulation of our impressions electroluminescent panels induces maximum brightness over the entire surface of the sheet, ineffective dots. The decrease frequency of use extends the life and reliability of your dynamic prints. And UV white / white treatment allows the preservation of your color range in interior, exterior and under pressure. So much so that the same print quality is unavailable whenever command as such;

  • Billboard
  • Endcap
  • Wrapping
  • Stickers
  • Backlite
  • Race Number
  • Lamps
  • Teaches
  • Kakemono
  • Labels
Printing panel