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Race number

Official electroluminescent race number compatible with FIM/FIA competition mandatory and all machine categories. Stickers easy to install for the best environnement resistance.

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Light up race number

With adhesive printing and electronics on FIA/FIM official mandatory.
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Align yourself with the new regulations of your favorite racing everywhere thanks to the FIA/FIM light up race numbers published by the creators of electroluminescent race stickers.
Electroluminescent competition supplies store are close to all official rules will have to follow your team on the track racing commissioners. Our customers are seeing improvements with each new flexibility from its protective lamination to its 3M adhesive layers. Everything is included for the visibility of your bike, your car, your truck.

El race numbers stays intact throughout the run without interference. And much more.

Mini Electronics shield

Onboard electronics is reliable, shock resistant and therefore reusable.
Box is remarkably light and sobriety in energy consumption for
to be able for the chief engineer adopt one or two boxes according to the team race strategy.

Fast sticking 

Peel protective liner, place your race number: it's over.
Compatible with all bodies and custom printing. The best
competition supplies in the world are handmade on Electroluminescent store.

Colors and lights

Two basic lights, compatible with current standards Blue et White.
Note: The type of numbers should be white turn off.


Race numbers cutting on demand. Busbar position on demand.

FIM Official specification
Size of light up race number (double) 11.2 in x 9.3 in ( 28.5 x 23.5 cm )
- Minimum height: 5.5 inch
- Minimum Lenght: 3.15 inch

Size of light up race number (simple) Policy limit + 0.4 inch ( 1 cm )

- Total Weight: 2.2 pounds
- Maximum consumption: 0.25 A
- 12V Nonpolaire


FIM official-number-electroluminescent
Light up race number